Inserting the Lenses

The insertion of the lenses in our glasses takes place completely without tools.

Our fronts have been designed to give the best results with relatively flat curves between BASE 2 and BASE 4. Polyamide is quite flexible and the pre-set curvature of 3.5 adjusts automatically without deformation or the need for heating.

The insertion of the lenses takes place frontally, a stronger heating of the front, as is sometimes done with acetate, is not necessary, but a temperature slightly above hand-temperature facilitates the insertion. As with most commercially available plastics, never work on a frame which is extremely cold.

Heating the frame for extended periods of time or even heating it in order to be able to glaze 'better' is of no use, since polyamide can be bent easily; either way it should not be stretched aggressively.

We always recommend starting with the upper outer corner [ 1 ] of the eyeglass shape, it is then very easy to insert the lens laterally downwards [ 2 ].