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A late summer day at the beach, the days become shorter but the summer will never end; warm memories, a feeling of lightness. Was everything better before? We design our collections with an affectionate look at our own past: personal and authentic.

And yet you won't find the usual retro look here, rather a progressive mixture of never before seen forms and newly interpreted classics. We combine tradition with innovation as well as creative weightlessness and a wealth of experience.

The result is refreshing, unmistakable and confidently stylish: glasses of compelling clarity with an unmistakable, minimalist silhouette.

Clear Focus

When designing our collections, we follow a completely reductionist and almost architectural approach by highlighting the function of a pair of glasses: to simply be a frame for the lenses. Since the very beginning, we found that reproducing the classic approach to creating eyewear – carving out small shapes from large sheets of flat material - in our digital work environment just wasn’t us.

Optical glass is at the center of our digital workspace; this is how we generate our frames, not as a two-dimensional extruded surface, but as a spatial structure around the functional core of eyewear: the lens.

Weightlessness and Balance

Less isn't always more. Our glasses are among the lightest on the market, but that alone is not enough for us. We believe that only a harmonious balance of components, the clever combination of material and design, can deliver the perfect wearing experience.


We have built a platform of compatible components across collections, where both different sizes and colors can be interchanged. Easily adjustable temples in different lengths and exchangeable nose pads afford optimal customization of our modular glasses.

Brilliant like Berlin

Anyone who knows Berlin knows grey quite well: the weather, the concrete and the mood, an aggressively direct way of communicating, affectionally known as the “Berliner Schnauze”. Our capital city is usually the metropolis of shades of matte, but occasionally it is also wonderfully loud and vibrantly colorful. We have developed a finely nuanced city palette that expresses this urban lifestyle as we see it.

Material of the Gods

When scientists discovered the element Titanium in the late eighteenth century and contemplated its unusual qualities, they named it after the Greek gods, known as Titans. Still to this day, the unique combination of lightness and resistance is astounding; Titanium is corrosion-resistant, biocompatible and therefore the perfect material for our glasses in all variations.

Microscopic Building Blocks

It's almost too good to be true: consuming just enough, working with only that which is really needed. No overproduction, precise and greatly reduced consumption of material and energy, that is economic and sustainable at the same time.

A few years ago, the 3D printing process “SLS” was still a relatively exotic manufacturing method, but to date it has proven to be a resource-saving process to produce unique materials with unmistakably high-quality appearances.

Together with our technology partners, we raise the quality of the material to a completely new level.

Flexibility and Resilience

For us, sintered polyamide is the ideal counterpart to Beta Titanium; both materials are lightweight, elastic, durable and highly adaptable. The ingenious interplay of geometry and material afford our eyewear amazing weightlessness and simultaneous resistance to the elements we face everyday.


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