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We are NEON BERLIN, a young but nevertheless very experienced eyewear company in Berlin, founded by two designers, one Swiss, the other American. Even though NEON BERLIN might conjure images of bright nights, shrill partygoers and the urban jungle we call our capitol, the origin of the name has a different, symbolic meaning for us: NEON comes from ancient Greek (νέον) and means "the new". NEON stands for new technologies, innovative ideas and a new beginning. NEON describes the innovative, forward-looking and trend-setting influence of the two founding designers in the eyewear world. It stands for new materials, groundbreaking manufacturing methods and a unique fusion of marketability with a unmistakable product DNA.

The technologies that we use are both new and old; technologically advanced and state of the art yet still bound to tradition. We have decided to work in exactly the same way, digitally and handcrafted, because we are firmly convinced that the future lies in the sustainable technology mix we have chosen!



Fabián Hofmann

Designer | Co-Founder

Swiss-born Fábian Hofmann designed his first pair of glasses, with a custom hinge, in 1989 for friends and university peers. In 1994 he founded 'fmhofmann design’ as a design agency. Since 2001 he has co-founded and worked as Head of Design for a diverse range of independent brands. Parallel to this work, he is active as a business consultant, university lecturer and engineer in the optical and medical fields as freelance designer.

Coerte Voorhees

Designer | Co-Founder


Since 2012, American-born Coerte Voorhees has been living and working in Berlin as a freelance designer, adjunct professor and business consultant. The majority of his work revolves around generative and computational design processes; Medical Design is a further focal point of his work. In this collaborative project, NEON BERLIN, he applies a digital algorithmic work environment to approach the challenges of implementing sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

Danny-Michael Seifert

CEO | Co-Founder


The Berlin-born, Danny Seifert, loves eyewear, even though he doesn’t wear them himself. Beginning in 2001, Danny led production as the CEO of a well-known Berlin-based sheetmetal eyewear company, where he also met Fabián Hofmann. Some years laters, in 2005, together with friends and colleagues, the two of them founded an independent eyewear brand also located in Berlin. With NEON BERLIN, Danny returns to the stage of eyewear creators once again.

Boris M Stolle

Sales Force | Brand Ambassador


Boris Stolle's technical expertise as an optician and his enthusiasm for eyewear are what truly sets him apart. As an eyewear ambassador since 2007, he knows the ins and outs of the colourful world of independent labels. He shares another project from that earlier time with Danny and Fabián and we are thrilled to have him with us at NEON BERLIN from the very beginning. In the west of Germany, areas 4 and 5, he supports our customers and partners with enthusiasm and council.